Fair Rent Portland is a group of tenants, landlords, business owners, and concerned citizens working to place a referendum on Portland's ballot this November to help alleviate the city's housing affordability crisis. The proposed rent stabilization ordinance would limit the amount that large landlords can increase rent each year and add other reasonable renter protections.

Portland is 60% renters.
Portland ranks #2 in the nation for rental increase rates.
Portland rents increased more than 40% over the past 5 years.

Now is the time to support our renters. We've put off serious action to address this crisis far too long. And going forward, it will take years for our city to improve zoning codes and transportation improvements that will allow more workforce, middle-class and low-income housing.

Together we can protect our neighbors this year. The referendum provides rent stabilization and tenant protections while ensuring fair returns for landlords. Fair Rent Portland is committed to setting a course that will keep our communities intact and support local businesses while allowing the city to grow in a sustainable way.

We welcome you to join us so together we can:

  • Take action in Portland now, with achievable results this year.
  • Protect our economic base – our workers, artists, and small businesses.
  • Implement a solution that's been successful in other U.S. cities for decades.
  • Support diverse communities to retain a living, vital and growing city.