Join A CommITTEE!

Committees do the tangible work of creating a campaign that's thoughtful, creative and inclusive. If you have campaign experience or an eye or planning and co-ordination, please come join us. If you prefer an ongoing commitment (at least 1 hour per week) rather than a one-time volunteer opportunity, one of these committees may be a good fit for you and the campaign:

Here are the four primary committees and their responsibilities:

  • Messaging : responsible for creating and distributing fliers, stickers and lawn signs, communicating with the press, and targeting our message to the communities around Portland. This includes coordinating letters to the editors, supporting the troll patrol, and creating resources to help folks talk about the campaign.
  • Strategy : responsible for overall coordination of the campaign, including signature collection, canvassing, large events, and logistical tasks.
  • Events and fundraising : responsible for helping organize workplace events, logistical support to house parties, and putting together some big events for the later summer and early fall. 
  • Outreach : responsible for connecting the campaign to the vibrant communities in Portland (the elderly, faith communities, LGBTQ, immigrants, disabled folks, students, among others) as well as directly coordinating canvassing efforts. 

We'll post meeting times and locations on the main page of the website and on our social media pages. 

Please fill out the form below to help us connect you with the committees you are interested in working on. If you have any skills that you think might be useful, please let us know and we'll synch you up with the right parts of the campaign.

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