Talking to our neighborhoods and communities about the importance of fair rent and housing security is the way we are going to win this campaign. There are two important ways you can contribute to these efforts:

  • helping connect the campaign to communities affected by housing insecurity
  • joining the canvassing team to knock on doors and talk with your neighbors

If you're helping us connect to specific communities, please list the ones you think we should reach out to. If you're in a position to put us in touch with local leaders (or are one yourself), let us know if you'd be willing to sit down to coordinate.

If you're interested in canvassing, please tell us about how much time you can commit. We'll provide training sessions to make sure you feel confident in your understanding and then organize you into teams for different neighborhoods and events.

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Could you help us connect with these communities? (If so, we'll be in touch to coordinate.)
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