Review of Boom Bucks Online Slot

Review of Boom Bucks Online Slot

The Boom Bucks slot machine by Betsoft will transport you back to a time when gleaming mechanical machines dominated the slot floors of major casinos. Boom Bucks has a 3-reel screen with flashing lights, fruit symbols, and just 5 fixed paylines, similar to games from decades ago. Play it for real money on whatever device you want to enjoy a true classic slot experience and win up to 1,000 credits every play, excluding bonus features.

Similar to earlier slot machines, Boom Bucks offers unique bonuses that may be won regardless of the quantity of the wager. This game has a unique reward wheel that can make each session that much more thrilling, and it allows you to earn incredibly lucrative additional payments on top of what you’ve already won by matching symbols. Learn about the game’s unusual features, awards, and betting limitations in our comprehensive review.

How to Play the Online Slot, Boom Bucks

Boom Bucks is as easy a slot game as they come, making it ideal for gamblers with less experience playing online slots. To set up the game, just pick your wager using the “choose bet” option. There are just two wagers available, with one costing 4 credits and the other costing 8 credits every spin. Choose a wager and hit the start button to play manually, or the Auto Play button to play automatically. You may also use the start button to manually stop the reels at any time.

The game’s primary payouts are awarded on the bottom screen, where you have access to five paylines. Each payline is always visible, as are the game’s symbols, which are shown in the upper-right corner of the screen while playing on a computer. The slot machine contains 10 typical fruit symbols, all of which provide credit-based payouts. If you play with the minimum wager, the payouts will range from 20 to 100 credits each winning combination. If you play with the second wager, though, you’ll be eligible for rewards that range from 30 to 200 credits every sequence. And owing to the distinctive bonus reel on your right, these are not the only winnings you will get when playing online slots for real money.

Even though Boom Bucks is an older slot game, it can also be played on mobile devices. BetSoft repackaged the slot in HTML5 style not too long ago so that it can be played on iOS and Android mobile devices. Play manually by touching the huge spin button on the screen, or access the Auto Play options by hitting the menu button.

Features of Boom Bucks and Free Spins

The regular rewards in BetSoft’s Boom Bucks are awarded when three matching symbols appear on any active payline. Regardless of the quantity of your wager, the highest-paying symbols will always be the bomb, bar, and pear. These symbols may provide winnings of up to sixty, two hundred, and two hundred coins every sequence, if you wager four credits per round. And any payoff they generate will be paid out in addition to the additional prizes awarded by the Boom Bucks wheel.

The Boom Bucks wheel functions similarly to a lottery wheel, with the distinctive fourth reel on the right controlling its operation. This reel rotates alongside the other three reels and has the phrases “go,” “stop,” and “boom dollars,” which determine how bonuses are given. Each time the spin button is pressed, the huge wheel will randomly choose a reward. If the special reel stops on “go,” this award is added to your Bucks Meter in addition to any other bonus prizes you have previously won. The Bucks Meter and its collected awards are reset to zero if the reel lands on the “Stop” symbol. And if the reel stops on “boom money,” your whole credit balance will be paid out.

The rewards awarded by the lottery wheel depend on the amount wagered every spin. With 4 credits every round, you get the blue wheel and rewards ranging from 5 to 100 credits. Bet more, though, and you’ll get the red wheel and bonuses ranging from 12 to 200 credits.

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