Speak up!

Making our voices heard -- in the newspaper, at public meetings, in online forums -- is essential to winning this campaign. This is a great way to help that you can contribute from the comfort of your own home! There are three primary ways you can plug in:

  • Troll patrol : as we learned in the 2016 election, the comments sections of newspapers and social media pages are common way that well-funded opposition groups make their opinions seem more broadly supported than they are. They often work using canned message points and we've already seen them popping up on local media. We need local folks who believe in housing security to challenge these folks and make clear that out community supports housing security. A few minutes a day online can make a big difference in how our support is perceived!
  • Letters to the editor : speaking up on behalf of fair rent and the benefits it will bring to Portland is essential to convincing voters. We are happy to share background research and provide any support you might need.
  • Pubic forums : the City Council, Planning Board and Housing Committee all allow for public comment on issues of concern. Help us communicate to our city's leaders how crucial fair rent is to maintaining our vibrant community and building a resilient economy.


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