Throw a HOUSE party! 

It's Maine in the summer and everyone loves a party! Throwing a house party is an excellent way of helping the campaign spread the idea of fair rent and raise funds for the canvassing and legal teams. Here are the steps:

  • throw a party.
  • in the invitation, let folks know that you'll be taking donations for the Fair Rent Portland campaign.
  • at the party, say a few words about fair rent and why you think it's important for our city.

That's it! Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch to coordinate. 

Some local businesses have committed to donating food and beverages to the Fair Rent Portland campaign. If it would help you get your party of the ground, we can share these or provide other logistical support. Since Maine has strong reporting requirements around elections, please coordinate with the steering committee to make sure all the donations are listed correctly.

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