How this campaign was born

Fair Rent Portland is an all-volunteer organization that started with a few renters, homeowners, and landlords that were deeply concerned about how rapid gentrification has impacted our neighbors and city overall. Many members were part of cross-town organizations that appealed to the city council to address our affordability crisis. Everyone agreed that bolder action was needed to address the problem.

The group assessed options that other cities successfully adopted (such as zoning changes, development incentives, and transportation infrastructure improvements) and found that a rent stabilization ordinance would be the most immediate and effective means of keeping our rental market stable to support renters, our vibrant communities and our local economy.

Fair Rent Portland drafted a rent stabilization referendum that is the first step towards longer-term housing solutions which balance the needs of all residents and support a resilient economy.

We launched the campaign in late May and welcome all residents to support this as a cause that ultimately benefits the entire city by requiring stable and fair housing.

We are now growing our campaign to include all of the diverse groups across the city -- elderly folks, immigrants, small businesses, LGBTQ, and others -- that are supported by stable and fair housing.


The ordinance was drafted by the municipal attorneys at Bergen Parkinson, beginning with drafts from the steering committee.


The steering committee is a group of local residents committed to building an affordable and resilient city. A few members include: